Auch das Schöne muss sterben

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Jess. 16. Birmingham. Books. Doc Martens. Star Wars. 80s. Punk. Skinheads. Being Fabulously Perfect. Music. Milk. Bacon. Nintendofag. Drowning in a deep dark black abyss known as social awkwardness. Smarter than the average bear. Anarchy. Always follow back. :)

I want you

I want you. I want to wear your t shirts and boxers. I wanna be the one who makes you coffee in the mornings and makes you late for work. I want your smile to be the last one I see before I sleep and the first one to see when I wake you up with bacon an kisses. I want passion with you. I wanna steal your cigarettes and I want you to shut me up when arguing with kisses. I don’t want either of us to say love until were certain that we wanna be together forever. I wanna curl up on your lap and do crosswords with you. I want to tell you to wait til the end of my chapter of the book I’m reading in bed before we hanky panky. I want cute holidays with you where we get really drunk and you pull me into the pool under the twilight foreign skies. I don’t want any “I don’t wanna get involved” if I have an issue. I want you to help me, defend my honour and be there for me. I want us to make eachother better. I want us to take the piss out of other couples. I wanna go on cute dates with you as if we’ve met for the first time. I wanna argue with you till I hate you but love you again because you at least have opinions on stuff.

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i would pay a lot of money for a complete list of everyone who’s ever had a crush on me


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"I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared."

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just wanted to tell you you're a qtpie : ^ )

thanks baby

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